1.Vacuum processing solution covered chemical vacuum process filed completely, and we finished more than 2000 successful cases, occupied more than 20% market share.

2.Vacuum processing solution was deployed in many application fields: Cyclohexanone,adipic acid, caprolactam, urea, chemical fertilizer, polyester, grease and the pharmaceutical industry.

3.Vacuum processing solution was customized according to customers’ different process, and deliver best customer value.

Business scope:

HANGZHEN ENERGY is a leading vacuum system EPC supplier. We provide a total solution coverying design, manufacturing, test, operation, maintenance and service.

Wide business scope

We served many customers indifferent industries, including petrochemical, metallury, chemistry and aerospace.

Big market share

We are the leader in vacumm system niche market: 70% share in petrochemical market; 20% share in VD/VOD and 60% share in VC of metallury market; more than 40% share of aerospace market, and 20% share in chemistry industry.

Advanced technology.

Our 6 total solutions integrated mature and advanced product and technology, and can be customized according customers’process. We have accumulated many know-how and patents, which build our leading position in China.

Multiple business model

We provide many choices for our customers, including direct sell, deputy, finance lease and EMC.

Product technology promises
  • Quality guarantee period: 12 months after system running, or 18 months after equipment delivery.
  • Within guarantee period, we provide free repair, replacement for our quality problem. If the quality problem is cuased by customers, we provide a repair or replacement only charged with cost.
  • We set up a engineering service department, which provice technical support hotline, email service after sale. We can provide a 24 hour response to address customers’ issues.
  • Wei set up a technology expert team to give total solution.
  • For ordinary malfunction, we will guide the customers to fix the problem by phone. If opaque or big fault occurred, our team will appear in customer fields within 24 hours.
  • We provide on-the-spot training to operation and maintenance workers of customers.


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